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Bring hope to the Middle East

Open Doors partners in Syria and Iraq are supporting thousands of families every month with vital aid such as food and essential items simply to help them survive, as well as through long-term projects such as trauma care and micro-loans to set up small businesses. But none of this is possible without the prayers and generous support of people like you.

Your church can make a real difference to the lives of displaced families in Syria and Iraq.

  • Every £84 can provide a food and hygiene pack for two families of five for a month in Syria or Iraq*
  • Every £138 can provide day's trauma training in a safe location for a church leader, volunteer or relief worker from Syria.
  • Every £648 can fund a five-day leadership training course in a safe location for a pastor, youth worker or women's leader from Syria.

*These packs now provide essential supplementary food and hygiene items. The content and cost of a pack differs slightly between Syria and Iraq, depending on supply of goods and local needs.

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*Any excess funds will be used to strengthen persecuted Christians in the Middle East.
**I understand this will be used to support my brothers and sisters where the need is greatest.