Muskathlon Lebanon 2017

13th - 20th May 2017

  • Lebanon is a country with 5.8 million inhabitants, 1.5 million refugees and 2.3 million Christians.
  • Christians have had to flee from their homes and even their countries. Islamic extremists are intent on eradicating the church in the Middle East. Out of the 1.8 million Christians who were in Syria before the start of the civil war, it is estimated that over 1 million have left. Many left with nothing except the clothes they were wearing and many have taken shelter in Lebanon. They are surviving now in refugee camps.
  • In Lebanon, the money raised can support Syrian and Iraqi refugees. It will support those who are refugees in their own country (Internally displaced people) and those who have fled to a neighbouring country such as Lebanon.
  • Lebanon Muskathlon
  • Christians in the Middle East need us to provide vital resources that will assist them in the work of restoration, rebuilding and renewal as well as emergency aid.
  • Your money could help provide relief packs including food and medical supplies, trauma counselling, skills training and micro loans.

Your Muskathlon trip to Lebanon will include team time, devotions, visit to a refugee camp, meetings with persecuted Christians. You will see for yourself the impact this crisis is having on the church in the Middle East. You will be able to stand alongside your persecuted brothers and sisters and let them know that they are not forgotten and not alone in their struggle. The week finishes with a post Muskathlon celebration!

Lebanon is a hot country and has a rugged terrain. The Muskathlon track leads partly over dirt roads through a mountainous area and partly over main roads.

How to register

Please register for the Muskathlon with 4M by following this link.

"Don’t think about it - just do it! God will help you."
- Stephen, Muskathlete