India - Chandan

India: Chandan

In July 2016, Chandan was at home alone with her husband, Aadarsh, when a group of 30 Maoist militants (Naxalites) forced their way into their home.

As Aadarsh was dragged away to be killed, Chandan clung to him and begged that she be taken with him. But she was left behind. Later that night, Aadarsh's body was found in the jungle.

Chandan's husband, Pastor Aadarsh, was a faithful minister who led over 25 people from just one tribe to Christ - all of them were previously animist believers. She described him as a prayerful person who specifically had a heart for youth: "He encouraged them to not join the Maoists but instead finish their studies to achieve something in life." It was because of these activities that he was targeted by the Naxalites.

Chandan, who is a 35-year-old mother of four, is now under a lot of pressure. Her brother-in-law wants to know how much financial aid she has received following her husband's death - presumably because he wants to benefit from it.

At the same time, she feels alone. Chandan's eldest child, Rebecca (21), is married, and her other children Raju (17), David (14) and Solomon (13) are all at boarding school.

Could you write to Chandan to let her know that she is not alone - that her family in Christ is praying for her?

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