Tanzania - Jane Roza Kachila

JaneRoza Kachila

The lives of Jane Roza and her 11 children were turned upside down when her husband, their father, was killed in Muslim riots three years ago. But today, the family are still struggling to come to terms with their loss and the sense of injustice.

Mathayo Kachila, a pastor and outspoken evangelist, had been on his way to a friend's house when he was fatally injured in a machete attack. Local Muslims, angered by the flouting of an unwritten rule regarding the butchering of meat by Christians, rioted against local believers. Pastor Mathayo paid for this with his life.

Despite knowing that Mathayo is in the presence of the Lord Jesus, Jane Roza is struggling.

Firstly, Jane Roza and the children regularly see the man who had been identified by Mathayo and other witnesses as his killer.

"The children are emotionally affected when they see the person walking around freely," said Jane Roza. "It is very painful to us all... We do not know what happened to the [police investigation]."

Also, Jane Roza has felt completely overwhelmed by the financial pressures of raising such a large family.

"As the children grow, the economic burden I carry increases," she explained. "Venant (24) is a second year theology student, while Anna (26), Felister (21) and Samuel (19) are all seeking employment. The rest of the children, Elia (16), Annette (13), Benedict (11), Adellina (9), Edina (7), Joshua (5) and Arriet (3), will all need school fees and upkeep for many years to come.

"The stress about our future weighs particularly on Venant. He was very close to his father and still feels his absence deeply. He suffers from severe stress headaches whenever there is a monetary need in the family."

The surrounding Christian community has been helping the family where they can, and Open Doors has supported them in starting up a shop to help them generate an income.

"Your coming is a great comfort and I thank you from my heart," expressed Jane Roza. "Please pray with me that the Lord will help in our income generating, that the hearts of my children heal, and that justice will be served regarding my husband's killing."

Could you let Jane Roza and her children know that you care for them and are praying for them?

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