India: Jitendra and family


When 21-year-old Jitendra Sal* and his parents converted from Hinduism to Christianity, local villagers first began teasing them. They then began using the family's home as a dump for excrement, before resorting to extreme violence.

Jitendra's mother was home alone one day when local Hindu extremists broke in and beat her. The next day, Jitendra heard his father cry out as people began attacking him. He tried to come to his father's aid, but was ambushed.

Men broke Jitendra's leg and forced him face-first into the refuse dump. He told us: "I couldn't breathe and was sure I couldn't survive." Thankfully, the attackers withdrew. But Jitendra and his family carried both physical and emotional scars of the attack. With the help of Open Doors they have been receiving support. But they could use your encouragement.

Jitendra asks, "Pray that one day we can go back to our village and that the villagers will come to know the Lord, too."

Could you write to Jitendra and the family to let them know you’re praying for them?

You can read more of the persecution that Jitendra and his family faced here.

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*Names changed for security reasons