India: Meena and Sunita

Meena and Sunita

Sisters Meena* (32) and Sunita* (25) were left to die after villagers attacked them for being Christians. Believers from a Hindu background, even under this severe persecution they didn't deny Jesus.

"I can die or I can witness. Make me a witness for you." This was the courageous prayer that Sunita prayed as she hid for her life. She had been separated from her sister during the attack in which she’d been badly wounded by being beaten with bamboo sticks. She wasn’t sure if her sister was alive.

Thankfully, the sisters found one another. But since the attack, the villagers have been unwilling to let Meena and Sunita return to their village, and have even falsely accused them of beating a girl. The sisters now live elsewhere with a Christian leader and are receiving legal, medical and economic support through the help of Open Doors partners - they're currently launching a stationery shop to generate income.

Could you encourage Meena and Sunita to continue standing strong?

You can find out more about Meena and Sunita's story here.

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*Names changed for security reasons