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Keen to design your own fundraising challenge? Longing for an adventure that is out of the ordinary? 

Maybe that’s swimming, walking or shaving off your beard! Or do your cupboards need a clear-out? Give yourself a goal and use your God-given talents to serve your persecuted church family.

Just follow these 4 simple steps

  1. Choose your challenge. Whether it’s virtually or socially distanced we have lots of ideas to get you started.
  2. Set up your fundraising page.
  3. Tell us all about it by registering your challenge.
  4. Get fundraising!

From how to organise your event to sharing what you are doing with friends and family, we have lots of advice and resources to help make your challenge a success. And don’t forget to tag us on socials @opendoorsuk. We’d love to see how you get on!

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Cornerstone Church

Challenge: How Long Can you Plank?

Tell us about what you did? Each church member was encouraged to perform a plank in whatever position they could manage for as long as they could manage; record the time; post it on social media with the hashtag #1suffersallsuffer; donate £3 to Open Doors via Just Giving and tag 3 people to take up the challenge in the same way.

And why? When lockdown happened in our country it highlighted for us how many Christians around the world would be suffering in far worse ways than us in the West. We therefore decided we’d like to find ways in the lockdown to raise funds for the Open Doors Coronavirus appeal and advertise it to other Christians nationwide and internationally. It would also provide a practical focus for our church family highlighting the plight of so many.

Amount fundraised? £15,081

Best bit? This has been a great way for the church family to interact with each other after 10 weeks of lockdown and for us to raise money for Open Doors.

Vick, Chester

Challenge: Selling art on Instagram

Tell us about what you did? I've been furloughed so I thought I should challenge myself during this time to do something creative every day. People send me commissions and I draw them, simple as that. Some are a lot harder then others. I'm enjoying this challenge and it makes me feel even better that it’s helping our family across the world.

And why? I knew I couldn't help financially for the unseeable future. So I pondered and prayed for some time whether creating/selling my art would be a beneficial way of fundraising. Everyone I spoke to, both within Open Doors and outside, encouraged me to sell my art, whether that be for myself or for a charity so dear to my heart. Our family is suffering and I wanted to help the best I could from my bedroom in my flat.

Amount fundraised? £232

Best bit? Highlights have definitely been seeing how generous my family and friends are. Most of the donations have been made from members of my church, friends and my family members.

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