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A Prayer for Good Friday

Good Friday

Above: in Aleppo, Syria, a crucifix riddled with bullet holes hangs on the wall.

Through the services of Holy Week, we relive the events of Christ's passion – the joy and anticipation of Palm Sunday, the dreadful darkness of Good Friday, and the miraculous resurrection victory of Easter Sunday.

Persecuted Christians know only too well the Friday fear of arrest and death and execution. They know the desolation of that Saturday, when everything seems hopeless and there is nothing to do but wait.

But they also know the resurrection joy of Sunday morning, the great truth that God is life and light and no darkness can ever overcome that – even the darkness of the tomb.

A prayer for Good Friday

Lord Jesus,
As we think about Your death at the hands of Your enemies,
we ask that You will be with all those who face violence because they follow You.
Protect them from the crowds who insult and mock, from the mobs who beat and burn,
and from the soldiers who want to execute them.
For those who feel afraid, or even forsaken, reassure them with Your presence. And for those who suffer for Your name’s sake, may they know the power of Your Holy Spirit, so that they too may pray, ‘Father forgive’.
Protect Your family, Lord, we pray.

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