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Easter Sunday Prayer

Easter Prayer

Christians are, and always have been, resurrection people. In the words of Augustine: ‘We are Easter people, and Alleluia is our song.’

But Easter is often a high-risk time for Christians. In 2019 more than 350 Christians lost their lives, and thousands more were injured in suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. 

So, every Holy Week, as many of us look forward to celebrating, please remember to pray for protection for Christians everywhere.

“We could close our churches to protect ourselves... Or we can hold all the celebrations and maybe we will receive some bombs or attacks. We try to stay here and love like Jesus Christ. We try to give this meaning of Christianity: that love and life are better than death and killing.”
Church leader from Mosul, Iraq

Download our Easter prayer sheet with written prayers, prayer points for intercessions and a special Easter prayer from a persecuted church leader.

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