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14 June 2023

Can you share the news about #14EveryDay?

Every day, on average, 14 Christians in Nigeria are killed for their faith. Can you stand up to violent persecution by raising awareness of this shocking fact?

Every day, on average, 14 Christians in Nigeria are killed for their faith. It’s a shocking statistic, but these atrocities seldom get reported in the media. Even the church around the world often doesn’t know the extent of the persecution faced by our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. More Christians are killed for their faith in Nigeria than the rest of the world combined.

Raise awareness on social media

The church in Nigeria is asking for people to pay attention. And you can answer that call – with the #14EveryDay social media campaign. We’re asking you to share a photo or video of yourself holding the hashtag #14EveryDay – spreading awareness, raising prayer and standing up to violent persecution with our brothers and sisters. Why not get your friends, family, followers and church involved?

You can be inventive with how you share – we’ve suggested something you can say, or words you can put in a caption, but it’s up to you how you spread the sad news about our Nigerian family.

Thank you for standing up to violent persecution in Nigeria, and across sub-Saharan Africa, with our persecuted brothers and sisters.

What you can say

Today, 14 Nigerians will be killed for being Christians.

If 14 of your family were killed in one day, it would likely be headline news. That’s what’s happening, on average, every day to our church family in Nigeria. These atrocities seldom get reported. We need to tell our churches, tell our friends, tell everyone.

Nigeria is an epicentre of escalating extremist violence. We need to stand up to violent persecution today with our brothers and sisters.

Use the hashtag #14EveryDay, tag @opendoorsuk and share your #14EveryDay image.

Please pray

Father God, I lift before You my persecuted brothers and sisters in Nigeria and the wider region. Please comfort all who are mourning and show Your loving, fatherly care to my church family who are scared for their futures. Please help me to raise awareness of violent persecution in sub-Saharan Africa so that the body of Christ can unite in prayer and support for vulnerable believers.

Please give
  • Every £16 could give a month’s education to four young people from persecuted families to give them hope for the future
  • Every £28 could mean a believer displaced by persecution receives food, medicine and other emergency relief to help them survive
  • Every £42 could give hope and healing at a trauma centre to three Christians who have experienced extreme violence.


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