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11 December 2020

"Sadness has turned into joy": Miriam rejoices over safe return of her father Bakhit

Thank you so much for praying for our brother Bakhit. This week he returned home after being abducted four months ago. Miriam, his daughter, shares her joy and gratitude with you.

Bakhit (68) from Egypt (pictured below right) returned home this week after being abducted four months ago, when a masked man held him at gunpoint. Open Doors partners have since spoken to his daughter, Miriam (21). She said, “I prayed a lot to God for the return of my father to us, I was crying and praying at the same time. I hadn't lost the hope of his return, I had a strong feeling that he would return one day. I thank God so much for answering my prayers and the prayers of the others. The joy of my father's return is an indescribable joy.


“My life was stolen from me in my father's absence. More than four months passed since my father was kidnapped. I felt like these four months were four years because of the severe pain of his absence. 

“Now life has returned to me. His return to our home has returned the joy that was absent from my heart. Life has come back and laughs at me again. Hopelessness has become hope, and sadness has turned into joy. My father is my heart, he is more precious than the light of my eyes, his presence among us at home now makes us feel safe.”

While Miriam is thankful for her father’s safe return, the family are still waiting to hear news of her brother, Osama. He was kidnapped in in July 2016 and the family hasn’t seen him since.

Miriam prays: “I thank You, Lord, so much that You stood up with my father and saved him, and as You have made me happy with my father's return. Please complete my joy with the return of my brother Osama soon.

Miriam is grateful for your prayers. “I would like to thank everyone prayed for the return of my father. May God bless all of you.”

Please pray

Lord Jesus, thank You for the safe return of Bakhit. Please heal him and help him to settle back into ordinary life. Fill the family with Your Spirit and help them to walk in step with You. Please bring their brother Osama home safe; may he know Your presence with Him where He is.

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