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01 December 2022

Christmas through the lens of children of the persecuted church

In many countries, Christian children celebrate Christmas in the shadow of conflict and persecution. Despite this, the festive season remains a time of joy and excitement as they remember the birth of Jesus. You can meet these courageous children in photos and quotes from Colombia, Egypt, Iran and more…


Sham (11) from Syria is excited for Christmas

Elizabeth (6) is from Colombia. Her parents work at the Children’s Centre run by Open Doors local partners. “When it’s dark, Jesus makes sure I don’t fall,” she says. 

This year, Chantin (11) from Nepal – where Christians can face persecution from Hindu extremists – is looking forward to dancing and singing with her Christmas carol group. “Jesus gave me a peaceful life and a beautiful family,” she says.



Despite growing up knowing war and persecution, Sham (11) from Syria always looks forward to Christmas. If she could write those who persecute Christians a letter, she’d write, “God loves and wants to give His light to us, but you want to destroy it, why do you want that? God can light up your lives as well if you want to let Him do that.”

Irene (11) lives in Egypt, where Christians are typically treated as second-class citizens. “Jesus is love and my country needs love,” she says. “All our problems come from a lack of love. I pray that God touches the hearts of all people and that peace and love will be in Egypt.”


Kaaren (13, above) is from Iran but had to flee to Turkey when he was five. “In the difficult moments, the only thing that helped us was Jesus who strengthened us to endure,” he shares. “He enlightened the dark path that we have been on.”

Please pray
  • Give thanks for the inspiring faith and example of these children 
  • That Christian children affected by persecution and conflict will have precious times celebrating Christmas with family and friends
  • For the protection and wellbeing of young Christians around the world. 
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