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17 December 2020

Your support is helping rebuild lives after Indonesia attack

The grief is huge and the need great. The horrific attack on a Christian village in Indonesia last month brought devastation to people’s lives, including Srikandi who was related to all four killed Christians. The rebuilding process has begun – and you are playing a huge role.

Funeral for victims

You're coming alongside Srikandi through prayer and practical support

Your prayers and generosity are helping rebuild the lives of those affected by the horrific attack on an Indonesian village last month, in which four Christian men – all related to each other – were brutally murdered. 

On 27 November, a group with links to so-called Islamic State entered the small village of Lemban Tongoa on Sulewesi island. Srikandi lost her husband and father, as well as her uncle and cousin. Six houses and a house church were set alight and destroyed. 

The remaining villagers all escaped to the jungle. Srikandi’s mother stayed in the village and was tied-up, before later being released.

How you’re helping affected Christians

“Most of the villagers don’t wish to return to Lemban Tonga,” reports Sam, an Open Doors partner. His team visited the village just days after the attack and are working together closely with The Salvation Army. All four killed Christians were members of the Army. 

"They are afraid, have bad memories and are traumatised..." Sam, Open Doors partner

“They are afraid, have bad memories and are traumatised,” Sam adds. “We are hoping the government will give the survivors a new piece of land that’s closer to the bigger village.” 

This will enable local partners to build homes and a church, which your support will help fund. Your assistance has already enabled affected Christian families to buy food, clothes and other necessities. 

Prayers needed for traumatised children

There is grave concern for the children who witnessed the murders. This includes an eight-year-old boy who saw his father and grandfather die. “The government has offered trauma support to The Salvation Army to help the children. We are waiting for the response. If for some reason the locals need our help with trauma support, we are ready to give it.”

Local partners provided trauma support in the area last year after an earthquake. “Our impression is that the senior police officer understands the need really well,” Sam adds. “All that matters is that the survivors are helped and that they can rebuild their lives, though that will be a long and difficult process.”

When the partners first arrived in the village, locals smiled. Simply being there made a difference, and your prayers and generosity have added to this. Hope further shining. There is a long way to go for our grieving brothers and sisters, but already Srikandi, and all others affected by the attack, know that their global family is standing with them. 

Please pray
  • For the Lord to powerfully minister His love, peace and strength to Srikandi and all others affected by the attack
  • That playfulness and joy will be restored in the children and that there will be no long-term negative impact on them
  • That the government, The Salvation Army and our local partners will continue to work together well to serve the affected Christians.
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