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28 January 2021

New believers baptised in Malaysia, despite flooding

Good news from Malaysia where, despite flooding and persecution, new believers are getting baptised and joining the numbers of local churches.

Malaysia baptisms
New believers are baptised in Malaysia, despite severe flooding

We want to share some good news we’ve heard from a local Open Doors partner called Mikal (name changed for security reasons). Even while Malaysia faces severe flooding and landslides, five new believers connected with Mikal have made the decision to get baptised.

"In the middle of this natural disaster, there is space for praise!" Mikal, Open Doors partner

"In some states, flood waters have gotten so high, you can only see the roofs of homes and buildings,” says Mikal. “In the middle of this natural disaster, there is space for praise! Five new believers were added to a church. It’s fantastic to hear from their pastors that these five are growing so much in their faith.”

Covid in Malaysia

It’s not just flooding that has hit communities in Malaysia. Like everywhere else in the world, the pandemic has had a severe impact – particularly during an intensified lockdown, where many believers lost their jobs. Travel between states has been banned since 13 January 2021, and some states are under tightly controlled lockdown. It’s vital for tackling coronavirus, but Malaysia doesn’t have the financial safety nets needed by poorer citizens, including many Christians.

“Some of the believers who work in fields to grow crops had a major loss during the first Covid lockdown, when they were unable to harvest any of their crops as policemen were nearby making sure that everyone stayed inside,” shares Mikal. “They didn’t lose hope and began to replant, but just as it was time to harvest their crops again, the floods destroyed their crops.

“It’s been very difficult. I know that these men - these farmers - are full of faith, but this has really challenged their faith,” Mikal continues.

Thankfully, with your help, Open Doors partners are able to help Malaysian believers with relief and fellowship.

Please pray
  • For God to continue to speak to and bless the five new believers, and enable them to bless others
  • For flood waters to subside and Malaysians to be able to rebuild their lives
  • For Open Doors partners to be able to meet with, support and pray with persecuted believers in Malaysia.
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