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26 November 2020

Your generosity funds repair of Nepalese church building

A church in west Nepal has faced multiple challenges since they first started gathering – not least an earthquake which destroyed their newly-built building. Repairs have now been completed – thanks to you!

Nepal church building repair

You came alongside this church in Nepal to repair their building after it was destroyed by an earthquake

Imagine meeting for church in a shed with cows for company. Or building your own place to gather, only for an earthquake to destroy it. 

These are some of the extraordinary challenges experienced by a young church in Nepal. But thanks to your generosity, repairs have been made to their home – and it comes with an added bonus. 

The church still met despite multiple setbacks

When the church started, they gathered in a shed that, on one side, housed cows and goats. They subsequently tried to rent a room in the community, only for the locals to refuse because the church would disturb them. 

"We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Open Doors supporters." Pastor

Consequently, the church committed to financing, through tithes and gift offerings, a purchase of land to construct their own building. They achieved their goal and created a church building using bamboo and mud.

But sadly, it was all undone when an earthquake destroyed the building. Undeterred, the church still met, this time in the pastor’s home, but there wasn’t enough room for everyone to gather. 

Building repaired – and made bigger!

Thankfully, your prayers and gifts have enabled the church to repair the building. Work is complete, and the building is bigger than it was before, giving the church more room to meet.

“We are so grateful to Open Doors partners for providing us with financial assistance,” the pastor shares. “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Open Doors supporters.”

Please pray

Heavenly Father, thank You that we’ve been able to serve this faithful and determined fellowship. Surround the building with Your angels, guarding it from further harm. May the church grow in faith, love and witness. And help all believers in Nepal, many who suffer for following You; strengthen and encourage them. Amen. 

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