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06 July 2021

Your prayers and support are ‘the love of God shown by His children’ to believers in Nepal during Covid

Thanks to you, Open Doors local partners in Nepal have been able to distribute vital relief aid to the poorest and most vulnerable believers as they struggle with Covid restrictions and loss of income. Rejoice at all God is doing through your prayers and support! All names in this article have been changed for security reasons. 

Like many countries around the world, Nepal is facing its second wave of coronavirus infections. The country was on lockdown for almost a year in 2020 as the first wave rampaged through the country, but as things opened up again, a second wave was inevitable.

Your prayers and support have helped sustain our Nepalese church family in their faith

Christian communities in Nepal have been particularly vulnerable, as many depend on agriculture or run small business for their livelihood, while others sustain their families through working as labourers – often receiving low income. With little or even no work, many believers are finding it difficult to manage two meals a day.

But, thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors local partners in Nepal have been able to distribute vital aid to our brothers and sisters in crisis.  

Local partners were able to distribute aid ‘with God’s protection’ 

Jasmaya Ramtel from west Nepal is one Christian who has been on the receiving end of your help. She says, “I sell some food items in the streets to earn my living. Though I do not earn much, I used to manage and sustain my life. 

“But the second wave of coronavirus came like a nightmare to me, and I had to stop my only source of income. I was worrying and wondering how I would survive. I also kept praying to God to provide for my needs.” 



When Open Doors partners arrived with aid for her, Jasmaya rejoiced. “How faithful God is!” she said. “He answered my prayer and made provisions for me from your partners. I am thankful to God for providing the means of my livelihood in this time of crisis and food scarcity. I pray that God leads them to reach out to many helpless women like me with this beautiful act of serving. God bless you all.”  

One Open Doors local partner shared, “It was a great challenge for us to go to different places as there were travel restrictions. However, the desire in us to help these believers made us face this difficult situation. We were praying to God to help and protect us. Eventually, with God’s protection, we were able to accomplish the relief distribution. 

“We never thought that this help would be big enough to bring so much joy in their lives. Many testified that it has encouraged and strengthen their faith in Christ. They also shared that they witnessed the love of God and promised to pray for us. 

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“Seeing their happiness, we feel all the efforts that we made in this tough situation were worth it. We thank God for His mercy upon us.” 

‘Open Doors partners came with helping hands’ 

Jasmaya is not the only believer you have supported and sustained during the pandemic. “Last year, my husband died due to Covid,” says Rani Karki. “Since then, I have stayed with my son and daughter-in-law. My son doesn’t have a permanent job and there is no proper income for my family. We were having a really tough time. 

"This blessing has strengthened our faith in God." Kailash

“In the midst of this, Open Doors partners contacted us and provided relief materials. It is the love of God shown by His children. This relief support has brought joy in our family and I am thankful to God and his people. I will continuously pray for them.” 

Kailash Majhi is from central Nepal; his faith was sustained through your help. “I am a daily wages worker and I am the only breadwinner in the family,” he says. “As lockdown was imposed because of the pandemic, there was no work for me. I was worried and distressed thinking about how to provide food for my family. 



“But my wife encouraged me and said that we should keep our hope and faith in God. So we prayed continuously, and God miraculously provided for our needs through Open Doors partners. I am thankful to God and also to the people who helped my family. This blessing has strengthened our faith in God.” 

Mina Rai is a single parent. She found being the sole breadwinner for her family incredibly difficult. “My only source of income is selling vegetables,” she says. “Since I do not have money to rent a proper place for selling, I sell vegetables on the street. There is no regular flow of income. Sometimes, I earn a good income and sometimes I do not. Despite that, I was able to manage. 

“But the lockdown meant I couldn’t sell the vegetables, so it was difficult for us to meet our daily basic needs. In the meantime, Open Doors partners came with helping hands and provided us with groceries. I am very grateful to God and the people who help me and my family. This help has given me great relief and hope. Thank you everyone.” 

"This help has given me great relief and hope. Thank you everyone." Mina Rai

Padam Nepali is so grateful for your support. “I want to thank the Lord for hearing our prayers,” he says. “I live with my wife and children. It was a very hard time for us because there was no work. I work in construction but due to this pandemic, there was no work. So I was very worried about how to fulfil my family’s needs. 

“I was always praying for God to provide for our needs. Then one day, I got a call from Open Doors partners offering groceries. I was so glad. I remembered the verse from Matthew 7:7, which says “Ask and it will be given to you.” So I prayed and thanked the Lord for hearing my prayers and fulfilling my family needs though Open Doors partners. I also thank the people who extended their help for my family.” 

Please continue to pray for our church family in Nepal as they experience the second wave of this pandemic, that God will continue to provide for them and sustain them. 

Please pray
  • Praise God for the help that has been provided so far to believers in Nepal, and that He has refreshed their hope in Him
  • That the Lord will be close to and provide for the poorest and most vulnerable in Nepal
  • For God’s continued blessing and protection on local Open Doors partners as they continue to distribute aid.
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