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08 September 2023

Benita from the Philippines finds her hope in Jesus after mocking the local church

Benita used to stay away from her Christian neighbours, even joining in with persecuting them. But when Jesus healed her from a horrible sickness, Benita and her whole family found their reason for living – and she’s receiving discipleship training, thanks to your support! 


Thanks to your support, Benita is attending the Open Doors discipleship programme for Muslim background believers

In a stilt house community, Benita, a devoted Muslim and loving mother, lived close by Christian couple Rosa* and her husband, Henry*. While Rosa's unwavering faith in Isa Almasih (Jesus Christ) was evident, Benita kept her distance, firmly believing Jesus to be just a prophet, not the Saviour. In fact, Benita even joined in with those who mocked and persecuted Rosa, Henry and their church. 

A miraculous healing leads the whole family to Jesus 

One day, Benita fell terribly sick. She experienced a high fever and developed boils on her body. She tried the local hospitals – but assumed it was much cheaper to seek help through witchcraft practices.  

“Since I welcomed Christ into my life, I've found a new family” Benita

She was distraught when she discovered the high price these “healers” asked her to pay for their services. Crushed and desperate, Benita mustered the courage to seek help from the one place she never thought she would: the local house church. Tearfully she confided to Rosa, saying, “I never thought I'd end up here, but I have no one else to turn to. My husband and kids need me.”  

With compassion, Rosa urged her to believe in Jesus, assuring her that only He could heal her. It took effort, but Benita called on Jesus’ name, praying for healing and deliverance: “I never thought I could do this, but I'll trust You, Jesus. Please heal me.” Immediately, she felt an unexplainable peace wash over her, as if Jesus was right there, embracing her with love and acceptance. She realised that she was not alone, and she began to feel hope in her heart.  

For the first time, she dared to believe that there was more to this life than she had ever imagined, and it all centered around the name of Jesus.  

Discipleship training helps Benita stand against persecution 

A day later, Benita opened her eyes to find her sickness gone! Overwhelmed by the miracle, she gave her life to Jesus. 

This newfound faith didn't just change her – it transformed her entire family. In tears, Benita shares, “I never thought I'd say this, but Jesus healed me, and He saved us all. My family and I now believe in Him wholeheartedly.” 

Since their conversion, they have been diligently attending the house church gatherings every week. However, due to their previous role as persecutors, they now face criticism for their change of heart and are labelled as traitors by their neighbours.

“The discipleship I've been receiving... has been instrumental in strengthening my newfound faith” Benita

Through Rosa’s house church, Benita has received help from Open Doors partners. Thanks to your support, Benita is attending the Open Doors discipleship programme for Muslim background believers, giving her the foundation she needs to be strong in her faith. 

“Since I welcomed Christ into my life, I've not only experienced healing but also found a new family,” Benita says. “I'm grateful to God for the discipleship I've been receiving. It has been instrumental in strengthening my newfound faith.” 

*Names changed for security reasons.

Please pray
  • For Benita and her family as they learn more about Jesus, that their witness would draw their neighbours to Christ
  • For God’s blessing and protection on Rosa, Henry and their house church as they meet together
  • That local Open Doors partners in the Philippines would be equipped to reach more and more new believers.
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