04 March 2020

30 prayer points for Rohingya Christians

The Rohingya people are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. And Rohingya Christians are vulnerable for their faith within their community, often rejected by their own people.

At the start of 2016, there were estimated to be more than 1,000,000 Rohingya people living in Myanmar. The Rohingya people are a minority community from Myanmar’s Rakhine State, with their own distinct culture and language. That number is far lower, following an intensive and cruel ethnic cleansing campaign by Myanmar's security forces, after years of persecution. In 2013, the United Nations described the Rohingya as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. To escape these atrocities, the Rohingya people fled to neighbouring countries, particularly Bangladesh.

The Rohingya are predominantly Muslim, but there are also a small number of Christians among the Rohingya - they are persecuted for their ethnicity, but also vulnerable to persecution for their faith from within their own community. Not only are these believers rejected by their own country, they are also rejected by their own people.

With no real name and no place to call home, the Rohingya people are in desperate need of our prayer and support.

Here you will find 30 prayer points for the Rohingya, to help you spend the next month in prayer for them.

DAY 1: Pray for the safety of the Rohingya believers. They are so few in number and surrounded on all sides by those who oppose them – the authorities in Myanmar who don’t recognise them as citizens, and their fellow Rohingyas who see them as traitors for leaving Islam. Pray that God will guard these believers and protect them.

DAY 2: Pray the believers would stand strong in their faith, even in the face of persecution.

DAY 3: Pray for those suffering from trauma as a result of the horrific ethnic cleansing they have faced from the authorities in Myanmar and the persecution they experience from their own community. Pray for their healing and comfort.

DAY 4: Pray for income-generating programs to help provide for the needs of believers. Pray that these programs would give believers the dignity of being able to provide for themselves and their families. Pray that these programs will be fruitful and a blessing to all those who participate.

DAY 5: Pray for permits and asylum to be given to refugees to help them find new homes in different nations. Pray that they would be able to settle quickly in these new places, and feel welcome and safe.

DAY 6: Pray for the provision of basic needs such as drinking water, medical care and food in the refugee camps. They are not given sufficient quantities of food to meet their daily needs. Pray that God would supply all their needs.

DAY 7: Pray that refugee children will find a way to access education, especially those in countries where the law prohibits them from entering national schools. Pray that they will have opportunities to learn and grow, and that they will have hope for the future. Pray that God would be raising up future leaders from these young people.

DAY 8: Pray for literacy classes for refugee children, helping them to learn other languages such as English and Arabic. Pray that they will learn quickly, and that these skills will help them to better communicate with others and have better opportunities in the future.

DAY 9: There is a need for more literacy teachers for Rohingya children. Pray that God would be calling the right people to come and care for these children and help them to learn and grow.

DAY 10: Pray for the literacy students who are advancing into college. Praise God for their commitment to their studies and for the opportunities they have had. Pray that they would continue to study well and that more doors of opportunity would be opened for them.

DAY 11: Pray for young people who have become caught in substance abuse in order to escape the hardships in their life. Pray that God will send believers to help them find comfort in Jesus, and that God will break their cycles of addiction.

DAY 12: Pray for projects to support the Rohingya church. Pray that through them, many will come to know Christ and be blessed.

DAY 13: Pray for the translation of the Bible into Rohingya language. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all those working on this project, and that God will use His Word to speak powerfully to this group of people. Pray that nothing would stand in the way of this project being brought to completion.

DAY 14: Rohingya churches have inadequate materials in their own language. Pray for the provision of materials such as children’s Bibles and hymnals.

DAY 15: It’s possible that some believers are continuing to hide their faith. Pray that they will find safe ways to connect with other believers in their area, and that local church leaders will reach out to them.

DAY 16: Pray that churches and church leaders surrounding this community will be inspired to initiate ministries that reach out to the Rohingya people — to both believers and non-believers. Pray that God will use the local church to provide for their needs.

DAY 17: Pray that the communities that surround the Rohingya people will love and care for this people group — helping them find a sense of belonging and home.

DAY 18: There are denominational and cultural differences between the national churches and the Rohingya believers. Pray for unity, peace and good interaction between them.

DAY 19: Pray that the Rohingya church will develop an organized and systematic way of practicing their faith that will help believers to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and love for Him.

DAY 20: Pray for healthy discipleship programs among the leaders and members of the church. Pray that these will give believers more opportunities to learn about their faith and put it into practice.

DAY 21: Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Rohingya pastors and leaders. Pray that God will help them to be good and caring leaders.

DAY 22: Pray for those who persecute the Rohingya believers, such as extremist groups and community leaders. Pray that these people will have a change of heart, and that the courageous witness of the Rohingya believers might draw their persecutors to faith.

DAY 23: Ask God to raise up more local leaders within the Rohingya church. Pray that God will give them courage and boldness.

DAY 24: Pray for unity between the Rohingya church leaders, and between them and the church leaders in the surrounding communities. Pray that God will give them real love for one another, and

that they will have wisdom to know how they can work together for God’s Kingdom, despite cultural and denominational difference.

DAY 25: Pray that government officials will allow more projects to help these Rohingya refugees. Pray that the officials working with the Rohingya might come know the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

DAY 26: Pray that the believers will be the salt and light wherever they go, and that many will be drawn to faith in Jesus through them.

DAY 27: Pray for the potential re-entry of Rohingya people into Myanmar. Pray that the government will recognize their rights and afford them citizenship.

DAY 28: Pray that God will use the believers to be a good influence in their community, and that their presence will help to bring peace and harmony.

DAY 29: Pray that more Rohingyas would come to faith in Jesus. Pray that Christ would reveal His love and his mercy to this community.

DAY 30: Pray for believers and churches who gather to pray for and support minority communities. Your prayers provide so much strength for these believers and they are incredibly grateful for you. Pray that more believers will be inspired to stand with them in prayer and action.


Lord Jesus, thank You that, despite the increasing persecution in China, You are drawing more and more people to Yourself. May Your love reach the younger generation despite the ban on church attendance, and strengthen believers who are being monitored by the government. May the whole of China have the opportunity to respond to the gospel. Amen.

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