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14 February 2023

A prayer for refugees and displaced

Please pray for the millions of Christians in the world who live in exile - as refgees or displaced within their own country. Many Iranian Christians are refugees in Turkey where, after having endured so much hardship, they now they find themselves caught up in the terrible earthquake. 

The recent earthquakes are devastating for thousands and thousands of people. But it is especially hard on those who are already without a home, like the many refugees in Turkey who have fled persecution in countries like Iran.

After the earthquake they are in desperate need of water, warm clothes and shelter, as well as heaters, blankets and sleeping bags. Our local partners are doing all they can, but the situation remains very difficult, and communication is hard, because the internet and mobile phone signals are fragile in the affected areas.

These faithful believers have already lost so much. Please pray that our partners will be able to make contact and to support them during this time.

A church leader who shepherds refugee Christians in Hatay, Turkey, shares about the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes. 

A prayer for refugees and displaced

Lord God,

We pray Your protection for those on the run and in fear for their lives. Your earthly family had to flee persecution, so You know what they suffer.

May the refugee and the displaced know that You have gone before them, and are preparing a place for them.

Strengthen and equip them as they build new lives in unfamiliar countries and difficult conditions, whether for a short or long time.

We pray especially for those affected by the earthquake: may they find the help that they need, and may they, too, be a source of strength for each other.

Above all, may those who have left their homeland know their citizenship is in heaven; and may those exiled from their family find brothers and sisters in us.

Lift up their hearts, strengthen their steps, bring them to a place of safety, and may they always find their true home in You.


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