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12 May 2022

Trauma care brings healing to weary widows in Burkina Faso

Martine lost four of her family members in an attack on her church, and then had to flee her home. Thanks to your prayers and gifts, she and other displaced widows in Burkina Faso are being supported with practical aid and trauma care. Martine has also learned to place her trust in Jesus, no matter her circumstances.


Your prayers and gifts are bring healing to many widows like Martine who've experienced violence

The day her church was attacked, Martine remembers how, at the end of the service, her pastor had asked them all to pray for their enemies. 

“I wanted to open my mouth to speak to God, or to ask God why, why, why...”Martine

Just ten minutes later, as the church members gathered outside to chat, Islamic militants approached the church. “They took the Bibles and the wooden pulpit and threw everything together and burned it all,” Martine remembers. “They told the men to follow them. And they took them behind the church. They made them lie on the ground to shoot them.”  

Martine lost her husband, father, brother and brother-in-law that morning. 

The attackers stole everyone’s phones and ID cards and gathered some of the motorcycles. What they couldn’t or wouldn’t take with them, they burned. 

“They told us to leave the place quietly,” Martine says. “If we cried they would be back the next day to kill us all, they said.” 

Martine puts her trust in Jesus  

As she left the village, Martine remembers thinking, “I want those who did this awful thing not to die without knowing Jesus Christ.” 

She had no idea what the future held for her. And she had no words even to pray: “I wanted to open my mouth to speak to God, or to ask God why, why, why...” but all that came out were groans. 

Yet, she decided to trust God’s purposes. “I told the Lord: ‘From now on it is You who will take care of my life day and night. I have no one else to whom I can carry my problems to, except You, as You allowed this thing to happen. Lord, I am counting upon You. And it is You who will take care of me. I will not go neither to the right and nor to the left.  

“When something is about to trouble me, or when a thought troubled me, I used to say, ‘Jesus, remember the prayer that I made to You. I will not deviate neither to the right, nor to the left. It is only to You that I lift my eyes. My hope is only on Your cross.’” 

Martine is encouraged in her faith when she remembers what her father used to say about persecution. When their Muslim neighbours came to warn him of the danger of staying in the area, her father refused. “My father said that if it is because of the name of Jesus that people want him to flee, he will never flee this village. Even it would mean death, he would die for the name of Jesus. He would not be afraid of what can only kill the body but not the soul.” 

“The teaching you gave me has renewed my life”  

Thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors partners were able to deliver much needed emergency relief aid to Martine and 2,100 other displaced families. Martine and 87 other women widowed in similar ways have also benefited from trauma care. “The trauma care training has helped me. The teaching that you gave me has renewed my life. And it has renewed my strength.  

“The teaching that you gave me has renewed my life. And it has renewed my strength.”Martine

“Thank you for the fact that you thought about us. You also did not forget that our hearts have been hurt. You came to help us, so that we may have strength again. May God bless you and renew your strength.”  

After receiving trauma care, Martine longs for other widows to experience the healing that she has: “If I can take those words of love that I heard and have victory, I also want other widows to have the same. If the others get the same, I don’t believe hatred and troubles will ever be in our widow-hearts.”  

Thanks to you, Martine’s faith remains strong. Please pray with her that her church will continue to follow Christ no matter the cost. “Pray for our faith to be strong,” she asks. “We want to remain in Christ. Pray for us so that we may have victory in our faith fight.   

“We also ask you to pray for our nation so that peace may be back in Burkina Faso.”  

Please pray


  • That Martine will continue to lean on the Lord in every circumstance
  • For an end to the violence in Burkina Faso
  • That Open Doors partners delivering trauma care will continue to ‘run and not grow weary’ (Isaiah 40:31).
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