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Stand with those who share our faith but not our freedom. Four actions you can take and ways to stay connected.

1 in 7 Christians globally suffer persecution and discrimination for their faith in Jesus. They need to know they're not alone and not forgotten. Open Doors is on a mission to bring them vital hope and resources - and we need you to help make this possible as family, as part of the global church. And as we stand alongside and strengthen those most persecuted their testimonies encourage courage in us to faithfully choose Jesus and pursue to live solely for Him.

Fundraise: Lose It

Would you be willing to lose what you love so others can gain?

Lose it is a fundraising challenge for students – either do it on your own or with a bunch of mates. Raise money through sponsorship or give what you save to support persecuted Christians who lose out every day.

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Host: Secret Church

Experience in a small way what it's like to worship in secret - risking it all for Jesus.  Hear stories of courage, hope and surrender from around the world and respond in whispers of worship, silent prayers and become a secret believer for the night. We'd love to come to your church or CU.

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“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it." - Matthew 16:25

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Your support helps persecuted Christians continue to courageously follow Jesus.
Together, we can reach those where persecution hits hardest.