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May/June 2021

Imagine you are under police interrogation and asked to write down the names of Christians you know, otherwise your family could be in danger. This is exactly what Taher* experienced. You can read his extraordinary story in the latest magazine – one that reinforces the acute dangers facing many secret believers from Muslim backgrounds in the Middle East, and why your prayers and support are so precious to them.

*Name changed

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Previous Issues

Imagine you are persecuted because of your faith – and especially vulnerable because of your gender.

That’s the story of millions of Christian women around the world, and why the See. Change. campaign continues to acknowledge and respond to their stories. In this magazine, you can read about Sozan from Syria and Peninah from Kenya – two very different experiences, but both of which the double vulnerability of Christian women.

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North Korea has been the place where Christians face the most extreme persecution since 2002. In this magazine, you’ll find interviews with courageous Open Doors secret workers who support North Korean believers who have managed to flee the country. They explain the danger that their work puts them in – and how God sustains them throughout, and their vision for the future of North Korea.

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Twelve-year-old Daniela in Colombia, and 10-year-old Bijli in Bangladesh, know what it's like to be persecuted for following Jesus. Daniela's father, Pastor Plinio, was murdered for his faith. Bijli's family are ostracised by their Muslim-majority village. But your gifts and prayers mean they can find comfort and joy with a loving Christian community. You can be family to extraordinarily courageous children like them around the world.

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Pastor George has stood with his congregation in Qamishli, Syria, through years of war, bombing and persecution. Coronavirus is a new, invisible threat meaning many are jobless, hungry and desperate. In this magazine, discover how Open Doors partners like Pastor George are keeping hope alive in their communities, thanks to your gifts and prayers.


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“When I was hungry…”

Christians in India are often last in line for essential Covid-19 food and aid because of their faith - and this is on top of the persecution they already face for following Jesus. Akash*, an Open Doors partner in India, explains how his team are helping those in crisis. Read Akash's story and much more in Open Doors' July/August 2020 magazine. *Name changed for security reasons

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Reaching secret believers in North Africa

When Islèm wanted to find out about Christianity, she couldn't ask her Muslim family. So she searched online - and found a pastor through a Facebook group. She got a Bible and attend Bible study run by Open Doors partners. Now she can't imagine life without Jesus. Your support can mean more isolated, secret believers and seekers are reached and discipled. Read Islèm's story and much more in Open Doors' May 2020 magazine.

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Planting seeds of hope for Nigerian Christian widows

Rikiya was recently widowed when Boko Haram attacked her home in northern Nigeria. She managed to escape, but when she returned she found that her home and possessions were destroyed. Women like Rikiya are often face social and financial exclusion: they are targeted for their faith and vulnerable for their gender. With your help, they are receiving loans, aid and trauma care to help them on the path to self-sufficiency.

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When two or three are gathered in North Korea…one could be a spy

When Kim Sang-Hwa* found her parent’s secret Bible, she knew it could mean the whole family would be put in a concentration camp – or even killed. She had a terrifying decision: tell the authorities about her parents, or ask to know more about Jesus. Praise God, she chose the latter – and became a Christian. Thousands of North Korean Christians are making the dangerous decision to follow Jesus. Can you stand with them?

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Shining with hope, standing with Syrian families this Christmas

Jina lost her husband, and Abraham lost his father, when Rober was kidnapped for his Christian faith in 2013. They still don't know if he's alive. Pastor Abdalla's church in Aleppo, Syria, is standing with them while they wait - and, thanks to your gifts and prayers, Jina and Abraham are among the many Syrian families receiving essential food and fuel and long-term support.

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Your gifts and prayers are helping Syrians begin to rebuild their lives

When war came to Aleppo, Pastor Abdalla felt God calling him to stay in Syria. His courageous obedience has helped keep hope alive in Syria during the crisis and beyond. He helped hundreds of people during the fighting, and he’s still there. Now that the crisis is over, his church is restoring hope to families and communities through microloans, training and aid.

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"We are always facing danger": Strengthening the church in India

Abishek trusts in Jesus. That makes him a threat, according to the Hindu extremist movement in India. They have publically stated their aim to wipe out non-Hindu religions in India by 2021. It may sound impossible: there are 60 million Christians in India. But this threat is far from empty. If we don’t strengthen the church now, many people may be lost forever.

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*Name changed for security reasons

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