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2022 Annual Review

Thanks to your faithful support throughout 2022, our persecuted family have continued to grow in their faith and boldly share it with others.

Annual Review

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A letter from Henrietta – thank you for loving the persecuted church

For all of us at Open Doors, 2022 will always be remembered as the year when our founder, Brother Andrew, went to be in glory. He lived long enough to see his Bible smuggling trip to Communist Eastern Europe in 1955 transform into a ministry serving the persecuted church in more than 70 countries. His life of courageous obedience to God and compassionate service to the persecuted church profoundly impacts many people around the world, and I was touched to see so many of you share your memories of Brother Andrew and reading God’s Smuggler. Thank you.

And thank you so very much for your continuing prayers and support for persecuted believers. In a year when many faced economic challenges in the UK and Ireland, it has been humbling and inspiring to see Open Doors supporters faithfully and generously donating to the persecuted church – and, of course, speaking out and praying. More than ever, I’m convinced that prayer is the most vital thing for making a real change in the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Those prayers were particularly needed for Afghanistan, and in 2022 we joined in a global year of prayer for the country and our persecuted family there. It was also the final year of the seven-year Hope for the Middle East campaign, which has helped so many families in Syria, Iraq and the wider region. Thank you for persevering in your support as our church family perseveres in the face of significant challenges. Together we are giving them precious hope.

As you read this annual review, please know that each of your prayers, gifts and actions is enabling the risk-takers of the persecuted church to stand strong and keep shining the light of Christ. Thank you so much.

Henrietta Blyth
CEO, Open Doors UK&I

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