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Who doesn't love to receive a personal letter?

Your persecuted family certainly love hearing from you through them. “These letters encouraged me to know that I am not alone," says Martina from Nigeria, whose husband was tragically killed by Fulani militants. "Anytime I am sad, or my heart is heavy, I pick up the letters and start reading and feel comforted.”

Another grateful recipient of your letters is Saghar from Iran. We caught up with her last year to hand over the hundreds of letters sent to her. She was overwhelmed by them – as you can see in the below video.

Scroll further down the page to see a list of our current campaigns. You can order a copy of our latest letter-writing guide here (however please note that some of the campaigns featured in the guide have now closed).

Current Campaigns

Nigeria: Sele
Malaysia: Koh Family
Middle East: Believers
Ethiopia: Roda
East Africa: Pastor Salim

For inspiration and guidance as you write, here are some simple letter writing guidelines.

You may also like to download our printable designs to colour in and complete.

Thank you so much for your letters and prayers. For persecuted Christians going through dark and difficult times, your messages of support are a source of hope and encouragement.

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