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Charity and her three children from Nigeria were getting ready for bed when her brother ran into the home with an urgent warning: “Put out the light! Put out the light!”

Charity grabbed her youngest daughter, Patience, and quickly placed her on her back in a wrap. “We ran away towards the mountains,” Charity says. In the scramble, Charity got separated from her other two children, Theophilus and Elizabeth.

On her way back to the village the following day, Charity heard that Boko Haram had killed some of her family members in the attack. She was devastated; all she could think about was her missing children.

After a week without news, Charity was alone in her mother’s house when she heard her son calling out her name. When she looked out her front door, she saw Theophilus and Elizabeth walking toward her. “I was so shocked and excited as I shouted their names!” Charity recalls. “Seeing my children felt like a new dawn – everything changed because my lost children were back.”

When Open Doors heard about the attack, local partners in the field rushed into action to help provide emergency aid, food relief and support to rebuild, thanks to your prayers and gifts. They were also able to deliver vital trauma counselling to Charity and her family.

“Your coming helped us a lot,” Charity says.

You can further help Charity and her family by writing to them – they’d love to hear from you!


  • Greeting cards, postcards and children’s artwork are best
  • Be encouraging and include one or two Bible verses. For security reasons, please do not use verses that refer to Israel, armies, or war
  • Show sensitivity. Please do not dwell on the recipient’s plight, or share about the blessings of life in your country.

For security

  • Do not mention Open Doors
  • Do not mention other religions
  • Do not refer to Israel, even when using Scripture
  • Do not criticise religions, religious extremists, governments, judicial systems or political leaders
  • Do not send money or make proposals to help
  • You can disclose your name and the country you live in, but do not provide your full name or full address.

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