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12 July 2023

Young man in Egypt murdered by colleague using bulldozer ‘because he is Christian’

Please pray for the family of a young Christian in Egypt who was brutally murdered for his faith by his colleague. Please note that you might find some of the content below distressing. 


Egypt is number 35 on the World Watch List, in part due to the dangers facing Christians at their workplaces

A young man in Egypt was tragically murdered by a colleague who later told police, “I hate Christians; I killed him because he is Christian.”

Fadi was an architect who had been working for the company for several years, with Mohammed recently joining as a bulldozer driver. On 15 May, a week after Fadi’s birthday, Mohammed was in the bulldozer when he turned from digging to attack Fadi, who was overseeing work. Fadi tried to escape but Mohammed pursued him until he was killed.

Family forgives killer

could help a persecuted Christian family establish their livelihood, giving them long-term financial security.

Mohammed confessed to the crime and spent four days in prison, before being sent to a mental health hospital for treatment. It’s unclear to what extent, if at all, psychological issues contributed to this attack, but they are often cited by Muslim extremists to explain their attacks against Christians to avoid prosecution – and it works.

Like so many families who’ve been affected by persecution in Egypt, there is no guarantee that Fadi’s family will receive justice from the legal system. Despite this uncertainty and the anguish they are in, they have already decided to forgive Mohammed. 

Unsafe workplaces

This latest incident is a stark reminder of how the workplace is not safe for many Christians in Egypt – be it from overt attacks like this one, or more subtle forms of discrimination like that experienced by Baher, who features in our latest campaign. 

It’s one reason why Egypt in number 35 on the World Watch List – and why your prayers and support for our brothers and sisters in the country, and elsewhere across the Middle East and North Africa, remains vital.  

Please pray
  • That Fadi’s family will know God’s comfort, hope and peace as this unimaginably difficult time
  • That the family’s offer of forgiveness will lead Mohammed, and others, to Jesus
  • That Egypt will become a beacon of justice and equality for all its people. 
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