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06 April 2021

On the margins but not abandoned - providing Hiwot with a home

Hiwot (not her real name) from Ethiopia has suffered through many trials in her life, including a difficult marriage and debilitating ill-health. On top of these things, she has been pushed to the margins of her community because of her Christian faith, receiving no support during the hard times. But thanks to your prayers and support, Hiwot has experienced the love and care of Christians from around the world who have strengthened her and provided for her in her struggles.

Hiwot became a Christian later in life. Sometime afterwards, her husband died after becoming very ill. Her marriage had not been easy; her husband drank and smoked all the time and didn’t work. But despite this, Hiwot prayed that he would accept Jesus – and he did. “I told him we should be together in the house of the Lord. And then on his death bed he received Jesus,” she says happily.

Not long after his death, Hiwot became ill and could no longer provide for her family. “I begged God, ‘Please give us something to eat.’ I had nothing to give my children,” she says. Praise God, He answered her prayer! Open Doors local partners were able to assist Hiwot and her children with food aid and clothing.

Hiwot and her family

Thank you for providing a home for Hiwot and her children

Thankfully, Hiwot has since recovered, but her community are no closer to accepting her. Last year, people from her village burnt down her house while the whole family was inside. She suspects her conversion and baptism were the reason for the attack: “This is because of my faith. It could be my neighbours. I had trouble before, and I still have trouble today with them because of my faith.”

Hiwot was suddenly homeless, with eight children to look after. But thanks to your prayers and support, Open Doors was once again able to come to her aid. With help from her church, they secured land and bought all the building materials to build a house. In less than three weeks, Hiwot and her children had a new home. “Blessed be the name of the Lord,” she says. “I also thank all of you that have helped me…. I am calling a blessing to you all. Open Doors stood by my side and through the Lord, you have been there for me.” 

Please pray
  • Praise God that He has been faithful to Hiwot as she has remained faithful to Him
  • For God’s continued protection and blessing on Hiwot and her family
  • For Open Doors partners in Ethiopia as they continue to provide aid and support to persecuted believers.
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