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27 November 2020

How will you use your ‘Finding Family’ Christmas resources?

If you’re struggling to plan a Christmas church service, small group meeting, youth session or just activities for family and friends this Christmas, we may have the answer. Finding Family, our new suite of Christmas resources, has something for everyone. Here we give you some ideas about how best to use the different resources available.

Will we be able to spend time with our families this Christmas? That’s the question that’s been dominating the media for the past few weeks. Now we finally have an answer. There will a time-limited change to coronavirus restrictions across the UK so that families can be reunited for Christmas.


Finding Family resources can connect you with your persecuted church family, however you're celebrating this year

In fact, it’s likely that the same rules will apply in every corner of the British Isles, as Northern Ireland is currently discussing a cross-border agreement with Ireland. This is sure to be a welcome relief for many, yet before and after the time-limited break we are likely to face tough restrictions to normal life.

Finding Family
Download or order your service sheet today

We may not be able to see family and friends as we normally would in the run up to Christmas. But with Finding Family we can certainly join with our persecuted church family, whether we end up worshipping together online or in church, celebrating Jesus' birth in a bubble, or decide to have a go at carolling online.

If you haven’t already discovered the Finding Family resources, I encourage you to take a peek. At its core is a Christmas service sheet which takes you through the Christmas story, with Bible readings and carols, and introduces you to another family in Bangladesh who were rejected by their community, but found a new place to celebrate.

But that’s not all: there is also a small group guide, videos telling the stories of persecuted Christians around the world, family activities, a youth session and a wealth of other resources. 

How will you use Finding Family?

Visit the Finding Family page to access all of the resources mentioned below

A service in a church

It looks like this will be possible, at least for some, even if only your church music group or band can sing. To get the most out of your service:

  • Order enough copies of the Finding Family Christmas Service Sheet for everyone.
  • Use the sheet as a service outline, or simply share the story from Bangladesh as you wish
  • Download and show the Finding Family Christmas videos in your service.

An online Christmas service

Online services have become a staple for many churches this year and are likely to continue into December and beyond.

  • Encourage everyone to download a digital copy of the Christmas service sheet - it’s an easy way to give everyone the lyrics to carols
  • Use the Finding Family Christmas videos in your online service.
  • Use material from the Finding Family Small-group Guide as a service outline. You can use as many of the suggested activities, reflections and prayer points as you wish.

Carol singing outside

There are five popular carols on the service sheet. If coronavirus restrictions permit, you could try singing carols outdoors in a small group.

  • Order or download enough Christmas service sheets for each singer and away you go (a mobile friendly version is available too)
  • Take up a collection for your persecuted church family if you can. To avoid handing cash, you can ask people to visit the Open Doors website to donate.

A home group at Christmas

Finding Family can be used whether your home group is meeting online or in person.

  • Order or download copies of the Christmas Service Sheet
  • Download the Finding Family Small-group Guide which will help you to use the service sheet as the basis for a small group or house group session. It includes additional information about the Bangladesh story and the Bible passages in the service sheet, as well as suggested activities, video links and prayer topics.
  • Host a real (or virtual) Christmas curry evening. Persecuted Christians in Bangladesh were able gather for a Christmas dinner of daal, curry, and rice. They also shared a birthday cake – to celebrate Jesus' birthday! Why not have your very own Christmas curry and use Finding Family to pray for your persecuted brothers and sisters.

A family at Christmas

We have a special Advent Adventure for children and families.

  • Download your free copy of the Advent Adventure from the Open Doors website
  • Make an Advent wreath
  • Read a story in the Advent Adventure each week and pray
  • Have a go at the special activities including hosting your own crazy Christmas curry dinner!

A Christmas youth group

We have lots of things for youth groups to do this Christmas. Head to the Open Doors youth website to:

  • Download two online, friendly, Christmas-themed youth sessions looking at how the cost of following Jesus has impacted young people from Bangladesh and Colombia
  • Lead one of the Bible discussions, watch the suggested video, do some creative prayer and play some silly games
  • Download our Christmas decoration template, print it off and write a message to young people at the Colombia children’s centre
  • Encourage your group to send a Christmas gift to a young Christian facing persecution as a present for family or friends. They’ll receive a special certificate to download and give to their loved one.

Hopefully, you now have a few ideas about how to hold a meaningful celebration with friends, family or your church this Christmas. The festive season is likely to be challenging for us, but many of our persecuted brothers and sisters face difficulties at Christmas every year. They still find a way to celebrate and so can we!

However, you choose to mark this special time of year, we hope your Christmas is blessed, peaceful and full of joy.

Please pray

Lord God, we pray for the safety of all those who will celebrate Jesus’ birth this year. We ask that You would protect them from harm and give them a time of joy and peace. Thank You for the amazing and unchanging truth that You came to earth as a human, while still fully God, to be with us.

Find your family

Get the full range of Finding Family resources by clicking on the link below. The suite includes a Christmas service sheet, small group guide, Advent Adventure for Children and Families, a youth session, and downloadable videos.


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