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15 December 2020

Your continuing support brings hope to Jeovani and his friends during the pandemic

Thank you so much for your continuing prayers and support for Jeovani and his friends, Steven and Dieu Fera. In 2013, they were badly injured when Muslim Seleka rebels targeted their church. During Covid-19, their schools have closed and their parents have struggled to work – but your support has upheld and strengthened them. 

Open Doors partners recently delivered Covid relief aid to over 4,500 Christians in Central African Republic. Beneficiaries included widows, believers from Muslim backgrounds, church leaders, other vulnerable Christians and orphans. Among those helped were the families of Jeovani, Steven and Dieu Fera, whom you have been walking alongside ever since their church was attacked in 2013. 

​Jeovani: “You should know that nothing is difficult for God”

Jeovani, now 16, had to have both his legs amputated after the attack on his church in 2013. Your prayers and support helped provide him then with prostheses and paid for his school fees then – and now, during Covid-19, you have supported him and his family with financial aid and relief packs. These include things like rice, oil, sardines, salt, sugar, powdered milk, soap and basic medicines.  

Jeovani says, “Thank you for all that my mums and dads have sent me. Thank you for all these [relief] kits. 

“I lost both my feet when a shell was dropped during a service in the church. It is very difficult for man but not for God. When I see my brothers running and playing ball, I am sometimes disturbed. But thank God for my Christian mums and dads who console me with their assistance by looking after my studies and health. 

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation has become even worse (schools were closed in March). I don't know where to go. I go to bed and I get up. I don't know what to do. I don't go to school.”  

He adds: “I know what happened to you (with Covid-19), but you should know that nothing is difficult for God. I ask my brothers and sisters, my mummies and daddies who are in other countries, I would ask you to read Psalm 118:17 – ‘I shall not die, I shall live and tell of the works of the Lord.’ I, Jeovani, shall not die either; I shall continue to bear witness to the goodness of my God through your support.” 

Steven: “May God bless you for your kindness” 

Steven CAR
Your prayers and gifts have kept Steven and his family alive - thank you!

Your support has also provided Steven and his family with a Covid-19 relief pack. While schools are closed, Steven sells fuel in front of their home to help earn some income for the family.  

“Thank you for your support even in these times,” he says. “Thank you for the relief kit. It comes exactly in time because even this morning, mummy had nothing with which to buy us food. Thank you for contributing this for me. May God bless you for your kindness and give you long life and good health.” 

Dieu Fera: “Thank you to my mums and dads abroad who thought of me” 

Dieu Fera CAR
Dieu Fera and his friends are full of hope, thanks to you

​Dieu Fera is now 12. In July 2020, your support helped to pay for surgery (which is required occasionally as he grows after the injuries he suffered seven years ago). He loves playing football. ​ 

He says, “It is in the church that I received this shock. Fortunately, it is with the help of my mums and dads that I am alive.  

“With this Covid-19 pandemic, all the schools have remained closed. I am in the neighbourhood doing nothing. My father does not work, and my mother does not work, so the situation is difficult. Thank you to my mums and dads who are abroad who thought of me with these kits made up of soap, oil, milk, medicines, sardines and money, which will be enough for us for some time.”  

He adds: “Please read Psalm 23: ‘The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want for anything.’ The Lord is also your shepherd, you shall not want for anything; He will give you more and He will bless you with His blessing.” 

Thank you for your generosity throughout this year. Please continue to pray for these boys as they grow, that they would know God’s love and good plans for them. 

Please pray
  • Praise God for His timely provision, and for the faith of Jeovani, Steven and Dieu Fera
  • That more families in Central African Republic will receive relief aid, and that the virus will not continue to spread there
  • For Open Doors partners in CAR, that they will be able to reach more families and that they will be protected from coronavirus.
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