07 February 2020

Visit Open Doors at the Justice Conference 2020

Come and see the handmade petition at the Justice Conference, 21-22 February 2020

Open Doors is delighted to be one of the partners at the Justice Conference this year, hosted at The Drum at Wembley on 21 and 22 February.

The Justice Conference is a global movement that gathers together Christians who share a concern for the vulnerable and oppressed, and are passionate about the issue of justice. It ‘encourages thousands of Christ-followers to live out the message of Jesus and transform their communities by making justice a way of life’.

The handmade petition

This year, Open Doors is really pleased to be taking the ‘I See You’ handmade petition to the Justice Conference. This unique petition was created to highlight the double vulnerability of Christian women who, in many countries, are persecuted both for because of their gender and because of their faith. While the suffering of Christian men often happens in the spotlight, the persecution of Christian women takes place in the shadows.

The handmade petition is made up of thousands of petition squares, each with the words “I See You” alongside the signer’s name – every one says that we won’t let the suffering of Christian women go unseen any longer.

The petition will be on display both to conference attendees and members of the public. Come and see it at the entrance of The Drum at Wembley.

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A passion for justice

Why is Open Doors so pleased to partner with the Justice conference? Because justice is central to God’s plan for the world, and He rejoices when His children champion justice. At Open Doors, we strive for justice for the persecuted church – whether that’s running workshops informing Christian women of their legal rights in India, socio-economic development projects for Christians rebuilding their communities in Syria or trauma counselling in Nigeria.

Whether praying, giving or speaking out, Open Doors supporters recognise the biblical call for justice and we know that you’re also passionate in seeking justice for our brothers and sisters around the world, following Jesus no matter the cost. Come and see us at the Justice Conference in February if you can!


Lord, we can barely imagine what it’s like to follow You in a country so oppressive as North Korea – but thank You that You are sovereign and victorious despite this. Please continue to grow Your church and give solace to Christians who are in prison, courage to those who are secret believers and protection to Open Doors secret workers providing Bibles and vital support. Break the power of evil in North Korea, we pray.

Write to Indian Children

Children in Christian families often face discrimination, exclusion and even violence. Children who attend church might be ostracised by their Hindu family. Receiving messages from the worldwide church can make a huge difference – can you and your family send them encouragement?

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