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18 July 2022

800 children in the Philippines learn how they are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’

In the Philippines, some 800 children from Muslim backgrounds gathered for a summer camp run by Open Doors local partners where they learnt about how God has lovingly created each of them.

Summer camp in the Philippines

Children in the Philippines learn about how God has lovingly created each of them

Summer camps and festivals can be landmark moments in people’s faith. Thanks to your prayers and support, this could well be the case for 798 children in the Philippines who recently attended a two-day event run by Open Doors local partners.

The children – all from Muslim backgrounds – gathered from various regions for Vacation Bible School (VBS). It was an overwhelming success, with the focus being on God as their creator and how each person is special to Him, truths articulated by Psalm 139:14: “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

“I am special in the eyes of God”

“I am grateful that I was created in God’s image," said Carmela. “I used to believe that man created humans, but I was proven wrong when I learned from the story and the Bible that God created everything, including us.”

"I am grateful that I was created in God’s image" Carmela

“Thank God, despite the pandemic, we still had our VBS here in our community,” said Estron. “I am grateful for the lesson I learned. I discovered that I am special in the eyes of God, and that God created me in a unique way.”

“I discovered why I should love the Lord because He loves me first,” shared Norsida. “I used to believe that God did not create animals, trees, water, or planets, but after hearing a VBS story from my teachers, I realised that God did. That is why I am grateful to God for allowing me to attend VBS this year and understand that God is my creator.”

The camp was especially poignant for Sandy, one of the teachers who can remember being at the camp as a child. “I can’t imagine that I am the now the one teaching or telling Bible stories to the children,” she said.

The Philippines is not in the top 50 of the World Watch List, but Christians in the country can face pressure and persecution. Islamic militants are known to operate in the country, particularly the south, while those from Muslim backgrounds – such as the children who attended the summer camp – can be exposed to hostility from family and their local community.

Please pray
  • That each of these children will grow up rooted in the truth that they are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psalm 139:14)
  • That Open Doors local partners in the country will be equipped and nourished as they seek to serve the church in the Philippines
  • For the protection of believers in the country and an end to all extremist threat.
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