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21 April 2021

Kuweni’s sorrow: Sri Lankan family still grieving after losing youngest son in Easter Sunday 2019 attacks

When a suicide bomber attacked Zion Church on Easter Sunday 2019, Kuweni lost her youngest son, Kevin. Although some families are beginning to heal, she is still in very great pain over her loss. Please continue to lift her and her family up in prayer.  


Please pray for Kuweni as she still grieves the devastating loss of Kevin

Open Doors partners recently visited Kuweni and her family, now two years after the Easter Sunday bomb attacks which killed over 200 people. Kuweni’s youngest son, Kevin, died in the attack on Zion Church.  

“We are okay,” Dina, Kuweni’s daughter, told the visiting partners. “I am reading my Bible and praying every day. But Amma (mother) still doesn’t go to church. She still cries every day, and she says she will never go back to church again.” 

Being Kuweni’s youngest child, Kevin had been very attached to her, and the two had spent most of their time together. Losing him has been devastating, and she shared her anguish with the partners.  

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“That morning, Kevin asked me what I would do if he died,” Kuweni shared through her tears. “I scolded him and told him, ‘We are Jesus’ children. Nothing like that will happen.’”  

“I can’t go to church,” she continued, frustrated. “When I see other children playing, it makes me so angry. It makes me think, ‘If Kevin was still here, he’d be almost 11 now. How tall would he have been? What would he look like now?’ 

“We used to be very poor. We only had simple food. But Kevin liked that simple food. Now, when we can give him something better, he is not here. I can hear his voice when I am at home alone. I don’t leave the house to go anywhere either.”  

Please continue to pray for Kuweni and her family as they continue to cope with the loss of Kevin. 

Please pray
  • That Kuweni would know Jesus as healer and comforter, and that her health would recover
  • For Kuweni’s family, that they would learn how move forward as a family with God’s guidance and reassurance
  • For Open Doors partners as they continue to visit and minister to hurting families in Sri Lanka.
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